Goodnight Midnight

March 2002 - May 17 2011

Midnight was my Baby and my familiar. I couldn't leave a room without her following me or scratching at the door til I came back. My mother had first gotten her for my sister when Midnight was a kitten. But everyone knew instantly that that wouldn't last. I have another cat Bootsy that I had received before Midnight was even born and such took care of both cats. When my sister got bored of Midnight I begged my mother to let me keep her.

No matter how much I tried to dress her up or tortured her she always loved me and wanted to be near me.

Midnight was diagnosed Early this year with FIV, which stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.
The virus attacks their immune system and if they get sick it could be deadly even if its easily curable.
During her last few moments Midnight didn't recognize me or anyone of the family.
This page is in remembrance of the love and companionship that was given and received
We will meet again one day.